NYU - Vaping less harmful than cigarettes

Confirming what the Royal College of Physicians and multiple other health agencies have stated, vaping is magnitudes less harmful than cigarettes. However, this is not translating to the American public as the percentage of Americans who view vaping as more or just as harmful as smoking has been increasing over the years. This is leading to calls for legislative action as groups such as Campaign for Tobacco Free Kids and the Truth Initiative continue to misinform the American public.  

Advocacy is as much as calling your local legislator as it is providing the proper information to your customers to provide to their friends. Studies like the one that will be linked at the bottom need to be printed for shops, shared on Facebook and verbally shared with friends. We all, as a part of the vape industry, have an onus to shift the public view of vaping products. Shifting the public view can help calm the calls for legislative action and help ensure that vaping products will remain on the market as a harm reduction alternative for the 34 million remaining smokers. 


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